Wednesday, July 31, 2013

IBPS PO-2 2nd allotment expected cut off

It is clear that two allotments are left in IBPS po-2 so we can see that merit in general can go down to 57.50-58 percent by march 2014 i.e. at the end of third yesterday we had made clear that 10-11k seats are expected in 2nd allotment and after that 3rd allotment has been done in february to march ,so we can estimate that in general percentage can go down to 57.50-58.
     Hope this can answer lot of candidates who are asking about general cut off at the time of expiry of ibps po-2.
We will update u for ibps clerk 2nd allotment soon.

Disclamer: The data has been fully analysed but it is safe to assume that the views are personal and not a govt. notification.actually data may differ to some extent.


  1. sir, r u 100% sure on this? In case your analysis deviate, how many seats you xpect will be the minimum for general

  2. we made data with proper research but as seats are not in our hands it is on the hands of Banks,IBPS,ministry of finance,government.So we are not sure whether it deviate or not.But 10 percent here or there can happen.

    1. Sir how can you say that 2 allotments will be there and please dont write anything without any basis because it can hurt thousands of aspirants.

  3. How many seats we can expect obc ibps po2 waitinglist

  4. ok thanx for raising hopes. Well all on IBPS now

  5. we have already told that 10-11k seats are there in 2nd according to that 50 percent are reserved .I do not know the exact reservation between OBC,SC and i think around 2500-3000.

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