Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fight for 23 k waiting students.

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In ibps po-2 after 1st allotment 23 k students are in the waiting list.The next list will come in August or September.We have done reserch at various level and see rti of various bank and according to which 90 percent of people think that very less seats are coming in 2nd allotment.90 percent people predict 500-3k seats in 2nd allotment.If this is true than again most of the candidates in waiting list does not get the job.It is only we and some other good experts having all round knowledge can predict more vacanies i.e. 10-13k which again is not good enough for all the candidates specially in General and Obc .In general the condition is very miserable approx 30 percent get the allotment till know .So according to estimate there are very less chances that all 23 k get allotment.So some thing has to be done so that all the 23 k candidates get allotment as all 45 k students can pass through a very hard test and all deserves a job.Now the big question is what to do?
Following are the options:
1 Protest and strike like ibps po-3 age,percentage criteria.
2 File a case.
3 written to some official
4 wait till 2nd allotment.
Please give ur view in this blog so that we can make plan according to give ur views only through this blog comment and tour comment can reach to these 23 k students as daily students can watch this blog.


  1. @Raman! With a score of 61.48 ! What can I expect? Please be honest and no guess work! Secondly are you also a waiting candidate or working with some bank!

  2. We have already posted the expected seats.see our blog regularly.try to raise the issue in media like newspaper and channels.