Monday, July 29, 2013

IBPS PO-2 allotment.

According to Sir JG Marks 4.5k additionals and 3k backlog seats are there in 2nd allotment.i am fully agree with him.I had already written in my blog that 10k-13 k seats are coming in 2nd allotment.If i am not consisdering Manipal seats and private banks seats, my expected seats almost matches with JG marks seats.Also i am not agree with expected seats figure of pagalguy also know nothing about it.


  1. I have scored 60.96 in ibps po 2 do u think i have chance . your help is solicted.


  2. Its a very hard question.I think u have a chance if more vacant seats has been alloted in IBPS PO-2.

  3. if vacancie comes aprox 11000

    then what is my score is 55.92 OBC Cat.

    plz reply...................

  4. Replies
    1. thnx bro.............

      can u tell me howz my rank in obc cat...and how many selected in obc cat in 1st round.........

      plz reply.....becoz m tensed abt this...........

  5. Already in obc 58 percent is cut off in 1st allotment and according to our estimate at the end of valadity of scorecard general merit go down to 57.50-58 and obc around you can easily selected if not in 2nd allotment than definately in 3rd .