Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ibps po-2 expected seats.

we have already said in our blog that approx 10-13 k vaccanies come in 2nd allotment.but it is purely on data,vacant vaccanies,previous year trends,additional vaccanies.actual data may differ to some extent.
source of vacanies in 2nd allotment:
1 additional vacanies
2 unfilled vacanies from ibps po-2 1st allotment
3 unfilled vaccanies from ibps po-1
4 manipal andhra,pnb
5 private banks
 These are the various sources.let discuss one by one:
1 additional vaccanies :additional vaccanies are there but the big question is the banks came out with these additional vacanies in 2nd allotment or in ibps po-3.but according to our estimate 4-5 banks came out with additional vaccanies which need early staff need and came with less seats in 1st allotment.according to our source definately 4-5 banks come with additional vaccanies.
2.unfilled vacanies from 1st allotment:according to our source and rti filled by our friends approx 20 percent of seats remain unfilled in 1st allotment that come out to be 4000 approx.actual data may vary to some extent say 2500-5000.
3 unfilled vacanies in ibps po-1: some banks like uco has there last joining notice in february and joining is in april and may.so unfilled vaccanies in 2-4 banks has been added to this list not to ibps po-2 ist allotment.
approx 500-1500 unfilled vaccanies may come.
4 manipal:andhra and pnb has tied with manipal last year they take ibps candidates.this year if they follow this trend than another 500-700 seats added.
5 last year private banks like federal,tmb,laxmi villas can take ibps candidates so if this year also they take ibps waitlist candidates than 1000-1500 seats added.
6 central bankof india,canara bank can selected cndidates directly from campus placement.but this year campus placement has been banned by court so these vaccanies are also unfilled.
 so seats around 20k are still there but the big question is how many come in ibps po-2 2nd list and how many has been added to ibps po-3.wait and watch..........................

raman thakur.                                          comments are welcomed.


  1. Replies
    1. Sir my score is 61.08 in ibps po2 in general cat. As this was my last chance. Do i have any chance in this waiting list plz do reply me.

  2. Sir my score is 61.08 in ibps po2 wt are my chances

  3. We have already told that approx 10-13k seats may come in 2nd allotment.keep on watching our blog.try to raise the issue in medi and newspaper.

    1. Sir there is no surety of additional seats as of now and we all knw that ibps is playing games not clearing anything. Sir can you say if additional vacancy wont come then wt are chances of mine if only unfilled seats will be allotted.

  4. It is sure that some banks come with additional seats.Even we can expect cut off may go down to 57.50-58 percent by the end of valadity of ibps po-2.So I think your chances are 99 percent of getting seat.

  5. sir i got 54.96% marks in ibps po 2in general.is it any chance for selectionor i should prepare for po 3.plz reply me

  6. Sir i got 57.04 in obc .i think if waiting list wil come i will be in. what do you think? and when wl will come??