Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chak de IBPS......................

After a huge response from IBPS po-2 waitlist candidates we are again coming  with a update.firstly please comment only through this blog and not call as i am not able to take calls of more than 500 +. As from various rti of banks and through Ibps it is clear know that 2nd allotment has been done in August or September.How many seats are there??????????????? A big questionmark is still there that whether new vaccanies are coming or only vacant seats are there.Well its a millin dollar question but after discussing the matter with Bank officials of various banks we come to conclusion that new seats are there but how many are alloted to ibps po-2 and how many gone to ibps po-3 is a main question.So best way to get seats in to ibps po-2 is to put some pressure on Ibps so that more seats are added as still some time is there.So friends it is the time to raise the issue in to media as all of you see that the protest in ibps po-3 become successfull.So kindly raise the issue in newspaper and news channels.Some candidates are doing a good job by taking a candidate Er sahil has given a link of media,,,, modi,,,,,hhemammalini
please use these and other links.
One of candidate piyush mishra is planning to go to court........well done 
These candidates are taking step and we have to help them.
Still most of candidates are expecting very less seats but we are sure that additional seats will definately come............

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