Thursday, July 18, 2013

IBPS :Wake up call for govt..................

There is a huge protest going on against IBPS on
1 what they had done in IBPS PO-2 allotment
and what they are doing in IBPS PO-3
A big questionmark is there not only on the working of IBPS but also on the working of the govt. and various committees that are giving there recommendations and playing with the futures of various students.
there is a big doubt on the working of committee which has given its recommendation to decrease the age limit from 30 to 28.there is no reason for is not like that general candidates after 28 are not fit for bank or they automatically get some job after 28.there should be healthy competitions in these types of bank exam and i think they have to increase the age limit from 30 to 35 for generals as unemployment hs been incresing.Another point is that as the no of seats has been increasing for last two years more and more people can get chance of geeting job.
2. as the eduction level in graduation is different in different fields and in different part of india you cannot judge a person on his/her percentage in graduation.persons from different fields engineering,commerce,arts,science,bba etc can apply in bank jobs has different syallabus and done there graduation from different pats of india cannot be judged easily.
 so the protests agains IBPS po-3  become complusory..........

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